Supporting your child

Whilst starting at Wixams Academy will be very exciting, we do recognise that moving to any new school can be daunting for pupils. This is why our transition arrangements and excellent pastoral pupil support will be in place from day one.


All new pupils and their parents will be invited to meet with the Principal before starting at Wixams Academy in September 2017. We will also run taster events so pupils can experience short lessons, meet teachers and classmates. In addition, members of the Wixams Academy team will visit pupils’ schools to ensure we have seamless information and are well positioned to support every child.

Pastoral team

An experienced team of personal tutors will be on hand for pupils and families, supporting and assisting in all personal and educational matters.

Behaviour and discipline

The high expectations set by Wixams Academy extend to the behaviour of our pupils. Our aim is for pupils to graduate from the school as active and aware members of society, with high standards of self awareness and control. Pupils will feel safe and happy in our calm and supportive environment. They will behave responsibly given an inspirational learning experience and within a culture of strong relationships, rewards and clear boundaries. In rare instances where this is not the case, individual children will be skilfully and carefully supported, whilst maintaining the calm learning environment for others.