Aims and values

Our vision

Our vision is to provide all of our students with a first-class academic education comparable with the very best schools nationally. We also aim to develop those skills and qualities in our students’ character which, hand-in-hand with exam qualifications, will deliver success and resilience in later life.

When our students leave us, they will be fully qualified, motivated and personally equipped to succeed in life and contribute to a rapidly changing world.

Our values

  • Determination
  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Community
  • Honesty
  • Compassion

Bedford College Academies Trust

We are proud to be part of Bedford College Academies Trust (BCAT). BCAT was created to drive up local educational standards and has an impressive track record of success. The Trust believes our region deserves outstanding schools and its commitment to Bedfordshire means that all of its resources are focussed on education for the local community.

BCAT and its sponsors:

  • Educate 16,000 students across Bedfordshire
  • Run The Bedford College Group; Bedford College; Shuttleworth
  • College; Tresham College; The Bedford Sixth Form; Wixams Tree
  • Primary School
  • Was an initial sponsor for Bedford Academy and helped to create
  • Bedford Free School

As part of BCAT, we draw upon unrivalled expertise and resources from the largest educator in Bedfordshire, helping us to ensure the quality of our students’ education is first class.