heather blissHeather Cunliffe is the Chair of Wixams Academy Local Advisory Body, a committee of Bedford College Academies Trust (BCAT) Board. Visit to find out more.

Heather is self-employed but works within education, teaching and tutoring Business GCSE, tutoring teachers undertaking their leadership qualifications and assessing their final school improvement projects.

“As I also mark School Leaders' professional qualifications this means that I gain knowledge of various improvement initiatives in schools across the country from other middle and senior leaders, and I will be able to share my knowledge with Wixams Academy.


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Our Local Advisory Body Members:

Heather Cunliffe (Chair) - SEND

Alan Burgess (Vice-Chair) - Health & Safety, Student Progress

Emma Baker (Parent) - Safeguarding

Joe Canzano (Co-opted) - Pupil Premium

Darsh Chand (Co-opted) - Most Able

Angela Smith (Staff)

Paul Spyropoulos (Principal)

Lucy Tanner (Co-opted) - LAB Member Development

Declaration of Interests September 2018 - June 2019

Contact the Chair of Wixams Academy Local Advisory Body:
Heather Cunliffe
Chair of Governors
Wixams Academy
Green Lane

Tel: 01234 608950
Email: [email protected]