What makes us stand out?

Learning ethos

Pupils will receive the highest quality teaching, in brand new facilities, immersed in an inspiring culture of learning. We want our pupils to be inquisitive and active learners, able to acquire valuable knowledge but also to have the confidence and skills to question, evaluate and innovate. We believe that pupils learn best when working in a trusting and happy environment in which all staff members have the highest levels of aspiration and belief in each learner.

Personal, Social, Health and Enterprise Education (PSHE)

All pupils will also study ‘Life Skills’ for one period per week, covering a range of topics including personal, social, health and relationship issues, sex education, citizenship and personal finance - all tailored to pupils’ age groups. These lessons will also play an important role in developing pupils’ character and will involve opportunities to acquire skills in leadership, public speaking and debate.


Whilst it is envisaged that most pupils will study the full range of subjects listed here, we recognise that ‘one size does not fit all’. We will work with individual pupils and families to ensure that each pupil has a tailored curriculum which will allow them to thrive and succeed.

Cutting-edge Information Communication Technology

Here at Wixams Academy, we recognise that IT is woven into our daily lives and that education needs to embrace this to enable pupils to go on and succeed in our modern society. We will provide pupils with cutting-edge computing facilities, including personal IT devices, where they have the most benefit in the curriculum.