A great advert for Wixams

The work that Wixams students do outside of schools reflects on the reputation of the academy as a whole. 

So we are proud to relay the story of Daisy Newton of 9H whose mum Heidi sent us this letter.

“Daisy would be mortified with me sending this in, but for me it is real ‘proud mum’ moment and it reflects hugely on your school and what you are teaching her.   

“I run a GP surgery in Luton and over a weekend we gave 1,400 Covid vaccinations to our most vulnerable patients among the over 80s.  

“Daisy came to work with me and worked two gruelling eight hour evening shifts, where she greeted patients, helped them to their cars, called taxis and answered all their questions.  

“She was amazing and she learned how much you can give to other people just by giving up a few hours of your free time.

“The leadership, confidence and beliefs that the school are teaching her are really allowing her to thrive, so thank you.

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