TV stardom for students

ITV Anglia featured Wixams Academy as a good news story about young people.

Wixams Academy is expanding an anti-knives message through the wider community via a choreographed dance show.

 The Youth Time crowd from Wixams Academy, part of The Bedford College Group Multi-Academy Trust, came up with the original idea back in February 2019 to stage a dance and a seminar message.

 It attracted the support of Police and Crime Commissioner Kathryn Holloway, who gave them a grant of £10,000. 



 Now the plan is to take the show on the road, when conditions permit, to other schools in Kempston and in Bedford’s Cauldwell and Kingsbrook areas.

 Further funding of £10,000 has been won to help spread the word among other young people in local schools.

 Wixams Assistant Principal and dance teacher Lindsey Pearson said: “We are working our way through the restrictions to find ways to share this message further. It has been a tremendous achievement by students.”

 The project references two young men who were stabbed to death in Bedfordshire. Neither were students at Wixams Academy, but Lindsey Pearson knew one of the boys from another school.