At Wixams Academy, we expect students to take pride in their school uniform.  High standards of dress complement our highly aspirational culture for all and help prepare students for appropriate dress standards in many fields of work.

Parents of students in receipt of  Free School Meals may qualify for support with uniform at any time during the school year. Please contact your child's Head of Year.

Compulsory Uniform

Compulsory PE & Dance Uniform

Business cut blazer with Jet Pockets, embroidered logo

PE polo shirt or PE top – navy/blue flash with embroidered logo

Academy tie (unless revere collar is worn)

PE shorts – nay/blue flash or

PE skort – navy/blue flash

Academy tartan skirt or trousers (mid-grey)

PE rugby shirt (reversible)

White shirt (with or without revere collar)

PE socks football style – navy – school name

Black sock/tights

Trainers (suitable for indoors and outdoors)

Optional Uniform

Optional PE & Dance Uniform

Grey tank top with blue stripe (male and female fit)

Navy blue tracksuit bottoms

School bag – navy with embroidered logo, portfolio or rucksack

PE hoodie – navy with embroidered logo

Students may wear religious headwear in plain navy blue

Girls’ outdoor ¼ zip top - navy

Additional information

Shoes must be black.  Trainers and boots are not allowed.

Hats/caps should not be worn in school.

  • Hair: accessories (navy or black only) should be functional and discreet.
  • Style and colour must be appropriate for school – no tramlines or logos, no extremes of colour, eg reds, blues).

Jewellery – one pair of plain studs (diamante earrings are not allowed), one small watch.

Makeup may be worn but must be kept to a minimum.

Fingernails – no acrylic/gel extensions or coloured varnish.

Our uniform suppliers are Uniform Direct: https://www.uniform-direct.com/

Telephone: 01522 510016

Email: customerservices@uniform-direct.com


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