New Year 7 starters in September 2018

Dear parents and carers

It was very good to speak to many of you on our transfer day on 4th July.  I said that I would write to you again before the end of term to answer some of the questions that had arisen during the evening.  I do hope you find this letter useful and our end of term newsletter informative and enjoyable.

First day of term for year 7
The first day of term for year 7 will be Tuesday, 4th September.  Students should arrive by 8.30am for 8:40am registration.  They will need to bring with them a school bag with a pencil case, and a packed lunch or money for food during the day.  The day will finish at 3.40pm at which point students may walk home, be collected or get onto the school buses.  PE kit will not be required on the first day of term, but please have it ready for the next day because students will have their timetables given to them on 3rd September.

Our after-school compulsory Tuesday and Thursday prep sessions which take place from 3.45pm to 4.15pm will begin on Tuesday, 11th September and run until the end of the year.  Buses leave at 4.15pm on these days.

After-school enrichment clubs will begin on Monday, 17th September and your child will be given a timetable of all lunchtime and after-school clubs the week before.

Bus timetable and payment
I enclose a copy of our new bus timetables which replace those given to you in the information handbook in July.  You will notice that there are three bus services and your child should be waiting at the specified bus stop five minutes before the time published on the timetable.  All timings are approximate but buses do not leave those stops any earlier than the published times.  We will occasionally have chaperones on buses during the year, but this will not be possible every day.  Whilst on the bus, children must follow the instructions of the bus driver and remain seated and belted in at all times.  Academy staff ensure that all students are on buses safely before they leave the Academy each evening.

We will write to you to request payment for the passes at the beginning of each term.  The cost for 2018-19 is £10 per week for the return journey.  Payments are made through our ParentMail system and you may make partial payments throughout the term.  Students will be issued with a bus pass, but I can assure you that until that time no child wearing a Wixams Academy uniform will be denied entry to one of our buses.

We are a cashless academy and all payments for bus transport, dining and other costs, for example, trips, must be made via ParentMail.  Once your child starts at the Academy, a ParentMail account will be automatically created for you.  You will be sent a ParentMail link via email - please click on this and follow the instructions to activate the account.

In the first two weeks of term, please send your child with enough money to buy food if they are not bringing a packed lunch. Our main meal cost is £2.50 per day.  As already stated, we will write to you to request bus payment once the term has begun.

Musical instrument lessons
We work closely with the Bedfordshire Music Cooperative to provide our children with a range of musical instrument lessons.  If your child is currently studying an instrument in their current school or would like to try a new instrument, please email Mrs Pearson at:  She will liaise with you and the music cooperative to arrange lessons for your child, often with the same teacher who is currently teaching them at primary school.

Student mobile phone use
We do allow our students to bring mobile phones to the Academy, but carefully restrict and monitor their use within the Academy.  These rules will be explained to your child in detail but, simply, mobile phones may be used in the dining room only during break time and lunchtime, but may not be used anywhere else.  Activities on mobile phones may not include the use of social media, filming or photographing other people, or making contact outside of the Academy during the school day.

Student laptop device
Each student will be issued a new laptop, at no cost to you.  This device is to be used in the Academy and for homework at home.  You will appreciate the rollout of this number of devices takes some time, but all students should receive their device within the first half term.

Home school communication
Communication is very important to us and we encourage you to contact us with any queries or concerns.  We encourage communication to be made via email to your child’s tutor.

Principal – Mr Paul Spyropoulos

Assistant Principal – Mrs Lindsey Pearson

SENDCO – Ms Chris Jones

Director of Maths – Mrs Jacqui Hepburn

Science Teacher/Form Tutor – Miss Hannah Taylor

Maths Teacher/Head of Stem/Form Tutor – Mr Adam White

MFL Teacher/Form Tutor – Mrs Rachael Connelly

English Teacher/Form Tutor – Mrs Alexa Hill

We have a policy to address correspondence by the next working day. If your concern is urgent, I would encourage you to telephone us on 01234 608950.

All that remains is for me to wish you and your family a happy summer.  I very much look forward to welcoming your child to the Academy in September and embarking upon a positive and successful partnership, delivering the very best education possible for your child.

Yours sincerely

Paul Spyropoulos